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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does a bird need light.

How do I know which light to buy?

What’s the difference between pet lights and lights for breeders?

What is the minimum distance the light needs to be from my bird

Does the light have UVB

Will the light give my bird Vitamin D3

Does the light get hot.

Will the light improve my bird’s feathers.

Sample installations.

How do I install the pet light for parrots.

How do I install the pet light for songbirds.

How do I program the sunrise to sunset timer.

See What Our Customers Say

"Love these lights! They are an absolute must for us. Without high quality lighting my tiel Gandalf is a perch potato but with good lighting he’s so much more active and willing for explore and even fly a little between his perches in the cage"
Amy Zhao
"I purchased one the first time I saw them on Birds and Beaks back couple months ago! My Galah Cockatoo loves it"
Sue Schonfeld Tackett
"I have multiple of these lights thanks to Birds And Beaks referring to them on Tuesday night Live. My 16 birds love them and they help the mood in my house. Im grateful for wonderful people and business's like these"
Dan Dockery
"Just installed for Mayhem. Next up is Mischief."
Wendy Friesen
"Both my birds and I love your lights. I have them in every cage. They make such a difference especially for multiple cages that are stacked. it just brightens their cage up as if the sun light was coming in the room."
Cathy DiFoggio Pacella
"look how beautiful that looks!"
Theresa Sholar Denman
"I can't believe every bird lover and keeper doesn't have these lights for their feathered Dinosaurs!! It is equivalent to not having lights on your Aquariums!!! Get these lights people, your birds will transform in front of your eyes as soon as you plug it in !!"
Jarrod Ray Ryan
"This post was shared to me. I’m the owner of T&A Parrot ❤️❤️"
Crystal Abshire
"We use your lights here at our rescue too. LOVE THEM!! And so do the birds."
Ginger's Parrot Rescue
"I had to move Alice and General Lee away from the window so I put up the light I bought from you guys and put a poster in the background because they'll miss looking out the window. Now, they feel like they're in Ireland 🇮🇪"
Anne Remington
"love it! Awesome customer service!!"
Melissa Davis


Breeding Light Sizes and Installation Guide

Breeding Light Sizes and Installation Guide

An explanation of how to select, mount, power and link together our lights for breeders
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How to connect multiple Chewguard lights together

How to connect multiple Chewguard lights together

How to run multiple ChewGuard lights off of one power source.
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The Benefits of Artificial Lighting for Birds

The Benefits of Artificial Lighting for Birds

You may not be able to simulate sunlight in your house but artificial light has many benefits for birds
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