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Breeding Light Sizes and Installation Guide

An explanation of how to select, mount, power and link together our lights for breeders

How to connect multiple Chewguard lights together

How to run multiple ChewGuard lights off of one power source.

The Benefits of Artificial Lighting for Birds

You may not be able to simulate sunlight in your house but artificial light has many benefits for birds

Difference between Petlights and Lights for Breeders

A more detailed explanation of the difference between Happybird's 3 styles of lights.

Full Spectrum Myth Revealed - VIDEO

A short video exposing the fact that Full Spectrum bulbs are the same as a normal $2 bulb

The Science of Light and How it Affects Birds - VIDEO

A deep dive look at light, the sun's output and how it affects living organisms.

Cautions About UVB and Birds

A look at how a pet bird's eyes respond to UVB and the dangers connected to it.

The truth about artificial light compared to natural light

So called "experts" say that your bird needs a light that that simulates the sun, but can it be done?

How a bird's feathers respond to light - VIDEO

How a bird's feathers respond to sunlight

What does Full Spectrum mean?

A short history of the phrase "Full Spectrum" and what it means.

How Light Works

A short article on light waves in the visible spectrum and how they change how birds see things

How UV affects birds

A summary of the roll UV plays when it concerns pet birds