Breeding Light Sizes and Installation Guide

The information below helps configure our lights and accessories for your setup. If you need further assistance, you can always contact us by email for recommendations.

Lights for breeders are designed to be used “per individual cage” either as the only light source in your bird room or to supplement existing light in darker cages.

Mounting Lights

The easiest way to install the lights is to lay them on top of the cage. Use wire ties to secure in place if desired.

If there isn't room to lay the light on top use the included plastic clips to hang it on the inside by clipping it to the top of the cage. 

Selecting your Breeder Lights and Accessories

The lights are powered by a 12 VDC power adapter and many lights can be powered by a single power adapter. They are designed to plug into each other in series, when they are too far apart to plug into each other we offer a number of different length DC Extension Cords.

There are 3 sizes of Lights for Breeders


24" Light for Breeders

24” lights are designed for 30" wide to 40" wide cages. 



18" Lights for Breeders

18” lights are designed for 20" wide to 30" wide cages. 


8" Lights for Breeders

8" lights are designed for canary cages when the light must be mounted inside the cage and not interfere with the divider panel. They are customarily mounted front to back with the connecting cables running out the back of the cage.

Wire cages of this style require two 8" lights per cage mounted in the center of each divided cage half.

Cages with white solid sides, back and top can be lit with a single 8" light mounted just off to the side of the divider. We offer magnetic mounting brackets for cages with solid metal tops.