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Bird Cage Lighting Sizes and Installation Guide

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24”, 18”, and 8” M&M Full Spectrum Breeder Lights

  • High-quality LED lights with an abundance of wavelengths to keep your bird happy and healthy.
  • Conveniently plug together in a series, eliminating unnecessary electrical cords in your bird room.
  • Safe at any distance.
  • Easy to install on top of or inside most bird cages.
  • Inexpensive to operate with no bulbs to change.
  • Comes in 3 lengths to accommodate a range of cages: 24”, 18”, and 8”
  • Color simulates a natural environment and enhances the color of your bird—attractive to humans and birds alike!

Created for birds, M&M Breeder Lights provide safe, healthy light at any distance!

Crafted from years of experimentation with the latest LED technology, M&M Breeder Lights contain an abundance of the best wavelengths for birds. These lights are safe from any distance, easy to mount, affordable to operate, and last a long time without any bulbs to change. 

Customer feedback suggests that M&M Breeder Lights make a significant impact on a bird’s wellbeing.

Economic lighting designed specifically for the breeding room. Intended for finches, canaries, and other soft billed birds.

Constructed within a simple aluminum housing, these sleek lights contain a proprietary blend of diodes that are configured for birds. An effective combination of high-quality LEDs installed in a simple fixture creates an economical and attractive solution for your breeding room. Each light mounts directly to your cage, thus lighting only the cage, exactly where you need it. These lights are designed with finches, canaries and other

soft billed birds in mind, but they are also loved by aquarium, terrarium, amphibian, and reptile owners. The LEDs are also suitable for damp environments and safe from any liquids you may spray while cleaning your cage. 2–year warranty included. Discounts are available for purchases of six or 12 packs.

Conserve space and eliminate unnecessary cords with these simple to install and affordable to maintain breeder lights!

M&M Breeder Lights are designed to plug into each other as a series, making hookup and wire management simple and easy. Many lights can be powered by a single power adapter; however, please note that the individual lights do not have a power switch and should be plugged into a common lamp timer so that your birds receive a consistent amount of light. If your lights are too far apart from each other, M&M also offers a number of DC Extension Cords in different lengths.

Top Mount Installation

The simplest method to install an M&M Breeder Light is to lay it on top of the cage and plug it into the power adapter. Though you can leave it loose, securing the wire with the supplied ties is highly recommended, as dangling wires can be unsafe for your bird. Make sure you secure the wire tightly to the cage.

Inside Mount Installation

Use the included mounting brackets to clip the light to the inside of the top of the cage. Medium and large parrot owners should also secure the light with the provided metal clamp. Always secure the wire tightly to the cage with the provided wire ties as dangling wires can be unsafe for your bird.