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24”, 18”, and 10” M&M Full Spectrum LED Pet Light with Chewguard

  • High-quality LED lights with an abundance of wavelengths to keep your bird happy and healthy.
  • Designed for destructive chewers and safe for every bird species.
  • Easy to install on top of or inside most bird cages.
  • Inexpensive to operate with no bulbs to change.
  • Comes in 3 lengths to accommodate a range of cages: 24”, 18”, and 10”
  • Color simulates a natural environment and enhances the color of your bird—attractive to humans and birds alike!

Designed for birds M&M lights provide safe, healthy light at any distance

Crafted from years of experimentation with the latest LED technology, the M&M Chewguard Pet Light contains an abundance of the best wavelengths for birds. These lights are safe from any distance, easy and affordable to operate, and last a long time without any bulbs to change.

 Customer feedback suggests that M&M lights make a significant impact on a bird’s wellbeing. Observations include:

  • Parrots that are free to be out during the day will go back in their cage to sit under the light.
  • Owners of multiple parrots have bought one light to see how it works only to find three parrots sitting in the cage with the light.
  • Parrots start to eat healthy food that they never ate before.
  • Parrots are more content when in their cage, and screamers scream less.
  • Canaries and finches sing more and are more active.

Economic and attractive lighting designed specifically for destructive chewers.

No other light on the market is as well-protected from destructive chewers. Designed for hook billed birds, the LEDs are guarded by a chew-proof stainless steel grate, and the power cord is covered by a flexible stainless steel cover. The mounting brackets are steel and sturdy enough to resist the most powerful beak. Contained in an attractive aluminum housing, these sleek lights contain a proprietary blend of diodes that look

great on display in any living room. The light mounts directly to your cage, thus lighting only the cage, and won’t shine in your eyes or reflect off your TV.

Simple to install and affordable to maintain!

The M&M Chewguard Pet Light comes with everything you need to safely install and power up your lights, including their own power supply, mounting hardware, and stainless steel wire ties. Please note that the Pet Light does not have a power switch and should be plugged into a common lamp timer so that your birds receive a consistent amount of light. The LEDs are also suitable for damp environments and safe from any liquids you may spray while cleaning your cage. 2–year warranty included.


M&M lights can be mounted inside or on top of the cage by securing the light firmly to the cage wires with the provided mounting brackets.

The power cable MUST be secured using the supplied stainless steel wire ties. Stronger beaks can bite through the stainless steel conduit if they can get their beak all the way around it. Also, as dangling wires can be unsafe for your bird make sure you secure the wire tightly to the cage.