10 Amp Power Adapter

10 Amp Power Adapter

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Use this power adapter to power your M&M LED Lights. One 10 Amp Adapter will power:

1-10 of our 24" LED Lights

1-18 of our 18" LED Lights

1-28 of our 8" LED Lights

The EZ Breeder lights for bird cages conveniently connect to each other directly or with DC extension cords allowing bird breeders to light multiple cages in various configurations with a single power adapter.

Input Voltage: 100-250V Input Voltage range: 100V-240v

Input Voltage frequency: 50hz, 60hz

Output Power: 10 Amps

Output Voltage: 12Volts

Output Voltage Range: Minimum 11.4V, Maximum 12.6V

Connector: 5.5mm Outside Diameter, 2.1mm Inside Diameter, 10mm Long, Center positive.

Minimum Efficiency: 77.75% @ 115Vac input and output at full load.

Over-Current/Short Output Protection: The power supply will withstand a continuous output short. Normal operation will resume when the short is removed.

Lead Free & RoHS compliant