Difference between Petlights and Lights for Breeders

All of Happybird lights use the same LED's and produce the same output.

The only difference is construction.

Petlights with ChewGuard 

ChewGuard lights are constructed to guard against birds who are aggressive chewers. This includes every bird with a hook shaped beak, even small hookbills including parrotlets, budgies, lovebirds and cockatiels.
One light contains everything you need for one cage.

Petlights for Softbills

Softbill lights are constructed for birds who do not chew on things. Their beak would not be hook shaped. This includes birds like finches and canaries.
One light contains everything you need for one cage.

Lights for Breeders

Lights for breeders are constructed for people who have multiple cages in one room. They are more industrial looking and they hook together in series to reduce wiring. Installation instructions can be found here
One light will not work on its own.

We have a light selector to help you decide on which light is best for you here.