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About HappyBird Lighting Co.

Inspired by the challenges of keeping and breeding pet birds HappyBird Lighting set out to create a light that would improve a bird’s environment, mood, wellbeing, be mounted directly to the cage and be safe for even the most aggressive chewers. The result was the Pet Light and the Light for Breeders.

Designed specifically for birds the proprietary LED output is safe at any distance and has resulted in countless thousands of happy birds who have responded positively with less screaming, increased calmness, healthier eating and in some cases even stopped plucking.

Most importantly it allows bird owners to simulate natural photoperiod when connected to a timer returning a bird to its natural circadian rhythm resulting in a more natural release of certain hormones.

A Note From Mark:

Greetings fellow bird lovers. Not a day goes by that I don't feel privileged to provide products to the pet bird world that actually increase a bird's wellbeing. I never get tired of hearing stories from my customers about how much their pet's life has improved since adding my light. Thanks to all of you who took the gamble on a product that never existed before then spread the word once you saw how good it did work.