About M&M Cage Company

Inspired by the challenges of keeping and breeding pet birds HappyBird Lighting set out to create a light that would improve a bird’s environment, mood, wellbeing, be mounted directly to the cage and be safe for even the most aggressive chewers. The result was the Pet Light and the Light for Breeders.

Designed specifically for birds the proprietary LED output is safe at any distance and has resulted in countless thousands of happy birds who have responded positively with less screaming, increased calmness, healthier eating and in some cases even stopped plucking.

Most importantly it allows bird owners to simulate natural photoperiod when connected to a timer returning a bird to its natural circadian rhythm resulting in a more natural release of certain hormones.

A Note From Mark:

Greetings fellow breeders. I’ll bet your story is a lot like mine. You had a couple birds as pets and thought, “man would it be fun to breed birds”. So you got a pair or two, they built a nest, laid some eggs, made some babies and created in you this unquenchable desire for more. Before you knew it every available space in your house, garage and back shed was filled with breeding cages. The other thing you noticed was any life you once had outside the bird room was pretty much gone. It’s a darn shame.

Although bird breeding is a fun hobby, nothing can take over your life like this hobby can so I got out. Years later I was dragged back into it kicking and screaming by my wife, Marjori (the other ‘M’ in M&M). I did it under one condition, that I would not be chained to the bird room by daily watering and feeding. That’s when I designed my first automated watering system and learned about seed hoppers. After many design changes, flooded basements, and really bad ideas, I can truly say that I am very proud of the outcome of my labor. You will never regret purchasing any of our products.

The thing you will notice about my product designs is the simplicity and "blue collar" look to them. I kept the "fancy" out and put the "economical" in. It’s a bird room not an art gallery right? I make as much of the products as I can in the USA. All of the assembly and shipping are done in Wisconsin to keep the cost down for you.

I hope you enjoy M&M’s products as much as I do.